Susannah Hewlett
VSS sponsors Lily and Mim
Oct 31-Nov 24 2014, Aberdeen
My fictional home shopping channel VSS sponsored Lily and Mim. Works included installation, audio jingles, promo videos SEE HERE courtesy of sponsor Chris Titmas as well opening the show as Chris Titmas alongside the Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

Click on play button on image to play jingle

Lilly and Mim website

Lily & Mim is a new art exhibition for Aberdeen - opening October 31 2014 that takes the form of a department store. It uses humour in order to critique the shopping culture of the city. Installation and performance join together a diverse range of artists working across a wide range of media; including Benedict Drew, Susannah Hewlett, James and Eleanor Avery, Jeremy Willett, Natalie Kerr, Amber Robertson and John Walter.

Curated by John Walter and bought to you by Smart Consultants supported by Aberdeen Inspired, Australia Council for the Arts & VSS Home Shopping Channel.
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