Susannah Hewlett
The Erinsborough Fringe 2015

Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow. Under the Owls Festival, Live Art Bistro - Leeds. Out of the Woods, Buzzcut at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh.
You can read Jon Reid's piece about it HERE

Stuck in an interminable loop of comings and goings, this Sunday omnibus explores a distillation of some of the most ropey soapy moments. Cliched characters make surprise arrivals; good news discovered, mystery plots uncovered and a disproportionate amount of daytime tragedy is up for grabs in this eye rolling, never ending cycle.

Come to the door. Borrow that cup of sugar. Look for that lost dog. Become part of this insular neighbourly network and see yourself on the telly. Without you life can't move on.

Live performance in front of live studio audience with a live edit relayed to television sets around the public space over the course of 2.5 hours.

The first exploration of The Erinsborough Fringe took place at Buzzcut as a work-in-progress experiment.
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