Susannah Hewlett
It's Not You 2008

A Live Art UK commission touring to Arnolfini, Bristol, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and The Bluecoat, Liverpool
A series of site-specific happenings that you just might stumble past including performances, installation, sound and video.

It’s Not You celebrates the television game show - the “high(er)s and low(er)s” of Saturday night TV’s winners and losers, the anticipation and deflation and a host of hosts and their assistants.

It’s the blender and the exercise bike. It’s one of the top ten answers. It’s what you could have won. It’s that £32.000 you just lost. It’s the spotlight that just went out. ..........It’s Not You.

Click the arrow on the image to hear the Arnolfini Jingle which played out over the venue's tanoy.

Live Art UK Touring Commission supported by Arts Council England
Live Art UK

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