Susannah Hewlett
Susannah Hewlett is a UK based artist, performer and writer who crossbreeds live art, comedy, theatre, sound and film. She's also an actor performing in screen based and live work by other writers.

She has exhibited and performed in theatres, galleries, museums, cinemas, catwalk shows, festivals and nightclubs. She is a Duckie associate artist. DUCKIE

“I have always been obsessed with the scarier stuff in popular culture and most excited by work that challenges the comfort of audiences by using comedy as a strategy to talk about the unspeakable"

The Erinsborough Fringe, live circular soap opera will be at the Buzzcut weekender at Forest Fringe. Edinburgh on Sunday 30th August.

You can see her video work HERE

You can see website of comedy horror show in a caravan Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space here.

As if having one wasn't bad enough - her alter-ego is Chris Titmas @ChrisTitmas

Stay in touch @SuHewlett