Susannah Hewlett


7 April 2016 Steve Nice's Family Misfortunes Buzzcut, Glasgow

27 Nov 2015 Bourgoise and Maurice and Friends The Glory, London

21 Nov 2015 Messages from the Other Side performance for John Walter's Alien Sex Club, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool

20 Nov 2015 Duckie's Twentieth Century Music Hall The Citadel, St Helens

29 Aug 2015 The Erinsborough Fringe at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh

27 June 2015 London, 1 August Brighton
Border Force at Gay Shame, Duckie

May 2/3/4 2015 Chris Titmas's Weekend Breakdown, Brighton Fringe

March 22 2015 Buzzcut Festival of Performance, Glasgow

March 14 2015 Glasgow Short Film Festival

Jan 24 2015 LOCO comedy Film Festival

Jan 23 2015 LOCO Comedy Film festival at the cinema museum

Jan 17 2015 London Short Film Festival

Dec 20 2014 Chris Titmas at Duckie

Dec 14 2014 Chris Titmas hosts the Steve Nice pub Quiz

Oct 2 2014 ALAG

Oct 31 2014 Lily and Mim Smart, Aberdeen

August 6-22, 2014
Edinburgh Fringe

Hewlett & Eaton present Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space
Ruthless adult comedy horror in a caravan exploring power, abuse and New Age Spirituality. SHOW WEBSITE

14-15 June 2014
Audio piece Lottery and GET UP! with Chris Titmas - the new morning TV show, Night Watch Festival, Cambridge Junction

7 June 2014
Chris Titmas's Mini Break, Whitstable Biennale at John Walter's Turn My Oyster Up Bar DETAILS HERE
June 1
Steakhouse Live at Holloway Art Festival, London HERE

April 26 2014
Pedigree Chums show with Steve Nice, Buzzcut Festival of Live Art, Glasgow HERE

April 6 2014 BURN - Thatcher Memorial Special, Hackney Picture House, London HERE