Susannah Hewlett
Messages From The Other Side: 2015
Camp and Furnace, LiverpoolThe Erinsborough Fringe 2015

Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow. Under the Owls Festival, Live Art Bistro - Leeds. Out of the Woods, Buzzcut at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh.VSS sponsors Lily and Mim
Oct 31-Nov 24 2014, Aberdeen24 HOUR LOTTERY
Nightwatch Festival, The Junction Cambridge 2014Chris Titmas

Barbara & Yogashwara's Safe Space   by Hewlett & Eaton 

Originally developed as a Duckie Gayshame commission - then performed at Brighton Fringe, Latitude Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and as a one off special in New York.

Lift-Off 2008It's Not You 2008

A Live Art UK commission touring  to Arnolfini, Bristol, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and The Bluecoat, LiverpoolLorraine and Alan's Straightening Salon  by Hewlett and Eaton
A Duckie Gay Shame commission 2008An Artist Walks Into A. 2007Buggy tours of Battersea Park, 2011

As part of John Walter's Space Station
Zsa Zsa, Pumphouse Gallery, London 2011

The Live Art Generation Game 2009
Fantasy Vogueing   by Hewlett & Eaton 2008Painting is Dead   2008Dog Toby's Paradise Fun Show,  2005 by Hewlett & Eaton   An Evening With,  2005  by Hewlett & EatonJokes from the Haha, 2005Where Were We? 2003Stocks Salon  2006Untitled Interventions  2006 by Susannah HewlettSlade Songs 2003The Burgundy Leisure Awards  2014
Susannah Hewlett is a UK based artist, performer and writer who crossbreeds live art, comedy, theatre, sound and film. She's also an actor performing in screen based and live work by other writers.

She has exhibited and performed in theatres, galleries, museums, cinemas, catwalk shows, festivals and nightclubs. She is a Duckie associate artist. DUCKIE

“I have always been obsessed with the scarier stuff in popular culture and most excited by work that challenges the comfort of audiences by using comedy as a strategy to talk about the unspeakable"

She is currently working on a number of scripts for new screen based works. Her short film The Obligation will be out at the end of 2016.

You can see her video work HERE

You can see website of comedy horror show in a caravan Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space here.

As if having one wasn't bad enough - her alter-ego is Chris Titmas @ChrisTitmas

Stay in touch @SuHewlett

In summer 2016 there will be a new website here. Horray.